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Antique Italian Encaustic Cement Tile

"Al Duomo"

The Bed & Breakfast "Al Duomo" is in an ancient building of via Cutò, in the historical and quaint medieval quarter of the Monreale village (about eight kilometers from the historical center of Palermo).
Cementine Graniglia Cementine Graniglia
These tile floors are old cement tiles made just like Villa Lagoon Tiles. You can see how a simple waxed sheen looks with its soft reflective glow.

From PIETRA ANTICA di Nista Carmine, this dealer of antique floor tiles in Italy offers whole floors from old cement tiles. They call them pastini tile floors.

Italian Pastina Tile

These darker colors are typical of old cement tile floors and antique French tile floors.

La Fontana B&B

Near Savona, this bed and breakfast has old style cement tile floors in typical mixed colors.

la Fontana Italian Villa italian tile floor

Italian Cement Tile Floor encaustic tile bedroom floor


This tile floor is from the "I tetti di Siciliando" Hotel in Modica, a small baroque town in Sicily.

Tile floor in Sicily

The Pratesi Villa

An issue of Architectural Digest had wonderful photos of an Italian villa lovingly maintained and with fabulous cement tiles in every room. While these tiles happened to be in Italy, they could have been anywhere in Europe. These patterns and colors are just as appropriate in restoring a home in Italy as restoring a home in France......The Pratesi Villa in Tuscany

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Architectural Digest Magazine Cover
Italian country villa with cement tile floors
Article about a French home with cement tile floors
French chateau with antique cement tile floors article in a design magazine
Italian villa cement tile in Tuscany
Antique Italian encaustic tile floors

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