Always on Trend: Black and White Cement Tile

Timeless doesn’t equal boring! There will always be room for black and white in the world of interior design, especially when it comes in the form of Villa Lagoon Tile’s handcrafted cement tile. This seemingly simple color combo is elevated by the depth and character that cement tile brings. Whether it be a bold and graphic patterned floor or a delicately balanced patterned wall, our cement tile will make a statement worth repeating for years to come!

We have the most talented clients! Sure to inspire, below is a collection of black and white tile installations featuring VLT’s handcrafted cement tile!

Traditional black and white quatrafoil cement tile pattern on a bathroom wall.
“Tulips B Black & White Morning” Cement Tile Bathroom Wall
Modern black and white maze pattern cement tile floor.
“Labyrinth Black & White Morning “ Cement Tile Floor, Designed and Photographed by Interior and Lifestyle Photographer, Margaret Wright
Black hexagonal shaped cement tile floor and classic cube cement tile pattern on the wall create a fun modern bathroom.
Solid Black Hexagonal Cement Tile Floor and “Cubes A Sencillo” Cement Tile Wall, designed by Dabito from Old Brand New
Simple and bold black and white cement tile kitchen floor.
“Compass Point” Cement Tile Kitchen Floor
Balanced black and white floral vine cement tile floor and wall
“Gypsy Black & White” Cement Tile Bathroom Floor and Wall, designed by Centoni Restoration and Development
“Diagonal Four A” Cement Tile Floor at Catch NYC
“Circulos Black & White Evening” Cement Tile Floor and Custom Patchwork Wall, Design by Nicole Chaves Design, Photo by Vivienne Tyler Photography
Black and white Ikat patterned barfront
“Ikat Series” Cement Tile Barfront at Puesto, La Jolla, CA
Black and white cement tile striped wall.
“Man Overboard” Cement Tile Wall at Alfred Coffee (Brentwood)
Solid black cement tile entryway
Solid Black Cement Tile Floor designed by Cummings Architects for This Old House Season 36
Geometric cement tile pattern in a basic diagonal stripe creates a bold bathroom floor.
“Diagonal Four A” Cement Tile Bathroom Floor
Restaurant floor featuring our original chevron patterned cement tile.
“Chevron Grill” Cement Tile Floor at Marcus Restaurant, designed by Parts and Labor Design
Bathroom floor featuring our Ikat cement tile pattern in black and white.
“Ikat B” Cement Tile Bathroom Floor by
@daisychaussee and @l.chaussee
Geometric cement tile pattern in a basic diagonal stripe creates a bold kitchen floor.
“Diagonal Four A” Cement Tile Kitchen Floor

Cement Tile on a Budget

The Essentials Collection is a curated selection of Villa Lagoon Tile’s most universal and basic cement tiles. Handcrafted one at a time by our skilled artisans and in-stock for under $4.00 per piece, you can easily stay on trend and on budget!