Villa Lagoon Tile partners with Cressida Bell to Launch Exclusive Tile Collection

Famed English designer’s first cement tile collaboration creates endless
possibilities for residential and commercial spaces

Gulf Shores, AL (March 31, 2022) — Villa Lagoon Tile has long been on a mission to push the boundaries of design by creating signature custom looks for residential and commercial projects. In their quest for new and unique design elements, the brand has partnered with renowned English interior and textile designer Cressida Bell to launch an exclusive cement tile collection. The Cressida Bell Collection with Villa Lagoon Tile is Bell’s first-ever collaboration with a cement tile manufacturer.

Bell is celebrated for the wide range of products she produces from her London studio, including accessories for men, women, and the home. She also designs and makes many custom-made items, including, stationery, murals, carpets, and furnishing fabrics. Her well-known Bloomsbury Group forebears have an undoubted influence, but it is not all pervasive. The group comprised English writers, philosophers, and artists, including Bell’s grandmother, Vanessa Bell, and great aunt, Virginia Woolf.

“We are thrilled to partner with Cressida Bell to launch these exclusive tiles because her distinctive style celebrates bespoke art and craftsmanship, which complements the artisan nature of Villa Lagoon Tile’s handmade cement tile,” said Melissa Adams Dillon, designer and marketing manager, Villa Lagoon Tile. “Bell’s patterns stand alone and most designers, and this selection has a rhythm and energy not present in any of our other offerings. Its vibrant, colorful patterns will bring to life any residential or commercial space.”

The Cressida Bell Collection with Villa Lagoon Tile incorporates some Bloomsbury-influenced elements. However, Bell’s highly decorative style also stems from her innate sensibility and the ability to draw inspiration from other art forms worldwide —including African prints and Turkish pottery and textiles — which she then transforms into her own inimitable designs.

“This is my first collaboration with a cement tile manufacturer because I love that Villa Lagoon Tile’s cement tiles are high-quality, beautifully handcrafted works of art. Also, the designs can be customized online with your own colorways, which is a huge bonus for the customer,” said Bell. “Every design I’ve created over the years tells a unique story, and I have thoroughly enjoyed redesigning them into repeating patterns for cement tile applications.”

The inaugural Cressida Bell Collection with Villa Lagoon Tile includes eight patterns, each with three to four colorways. The color combinations and patterns span from strikingly contemporary to classic, and each is derived from Bell’s personal stories below:

African Check – Inspired by her international travels, Bell initially designed this fun, geometric pattern for her hand-printed silk scarf collection.

Artichoke – Bell originally created this “artichoke” pattern exclusively for the cover artwork of Arabella Boxer’s Book of English Food: A Rediscovery of British Food From Before the War.

Bell’s Sky Bird – Designed for the Royal Academy of Arts in London, Bell drew inspiration directly from English artist Walter Crane, primarily known for his illustrations for children’s books which often featured flying birds.

Oak Leaf – Originally created for Bell’s client who wanted outdoor furniture with a garden-themed patterned fabric.

Bell’s Tulips – This was initially a design for a scarf with bunches of tulips arranged in a fish-scale pattern which easily translated into a tile of a similar shape. Crosshatch – Bell cites crosshatch as one of her favorite motifs, which she uses time and again in her work. She thinks this pattern will provide a classic look and feel to any space.

Fish Pond – Inspired by Bell’s bathroom tiles (painted by her father, Quentin Bell) incorporating mermaids and fishes. Initially, Fish Pond was a furnishing fabric used for cushions and is now also a greetings card.

Paisley Leaf – This pattern was initially produced as a fabric for menswear designer Richard James and draws inspiration from an interior at ‘Charleston’ — the house that was a gathering point for the Bloomsbury Group. It is now featured on Bell’s lamps and shades.

Villa Lagoon Tile’s cement tiles are made to last: no printed-on color here. Similar to natural stone, each cement tile is unique with slight color variations, the sign of an artisan-made product. Installing cement tiles is similar to installing natural stone, with tighter grout lines and the use of a sealant after the tiles are set. Pricing starts at $7.90 per tile. To learn more about the Cressida Bell Collection with Villa Lagoon Tile, visit


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Enjoy Your Outdoor Space All Year Long with this Backyard Remodel ‘How-To’

Our backyard has become an extension of our home living routine and we’re spending more time living and entertaining on our decks and patios. As we head into the colder weather months, interest is increasing in extending outdoor living because it is a safer option. It’s no wonder that backyard home improvement projects are surging. 

So, when Chelsea Foy from Lovely Indeed shared her gorgeous backyard patio remodel reveal and installation ‘how-to,’ we thought the timing couldn’t be more perfect! If you’re thinking of installing cement tile into your outdoor living space, Chelsea perfectly captures the process and experience here

Because cement tile is more like natural stone than other types of tile, it’s important to use sealant before grouting to keep the grout from staining or adhering to the face of the tile. As Chelsea points out in her blog, understanding the right sealant to use is also critical so that the cement tile absorbs minimal staining and retains the color as much as possible. To learn more about the type of sealant you will need, you can download our guide here.

And, we’re always here to help — whether it’s for design inspiration or help to choose tiles for your outdoor (or indoor!) space. Please contact us at [email protected]

Handcrafted Zellige Tile Collection Celebrates Authentic Moroccan Artistry

Get this look by combining Glazed Evergreen & Oyster Shell Bejmat Tile

Gulf Shores, AL (July 17, 2020) ― The new Zellige tile collection from Villa Lagoon Tile brings a rustic charm to residential and hospitality projects. Unlike machined tile, these exquisite Zellige and Bejmat tiles are crafted entirely by hand in a time-honored method of tile-making designed to celebrate the natural beauty of the clay. 

Skilled artisans in Fez, Morocco use local clays fired in kilns fueled by olive pits to create these tiles, which are then finished with an enamel glaze. Because Villa Lagoon Tile Zellige tiles are molded, cut, and glazed by hand, each tile is unique with variations in color, edging and shape. Like the irregularities in natural wood grain or the tiny air bubbles in hand-blown glass, it is these perfect imperfections that produce the beautiful effect Zellige tile is known for.

Perfectly imperfect glazed zellige in the color Garden Grove

The square Zellige tiles are best used in applications such as shower walls, backsplashes, and accent walls, while the rectangular Bejmat tiles may also be used on light-traffic floors. They can be installed indoors or outdoors as long as they are adhered and grouted properly. Zellige tiles require skill and experience to install properly, so consulting with a professional is recommended.

The production of glazed clay tiles in Morocco dates back over 1,000 years. Having imbued a sense of luxury and artistry in homes, religious buildings, and other public spaces, the style is enjoying a resurgence of interest in this millennium. 

The Zellige collection from Villa Lagoon Tile includes 4-inch square glazed clay tiles as well as rectangular, 5 ½-inch long Bejmat tiles. Both styles of tile are immediately available in a choice of 13 colors. Additional color options, shapes and sizes will be added over time. 

To learn more, visit



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Inaugural Tile Collection from Villa Lagoon Tile, Dekar Design Radiates the Pleasures of the Mediterranean

Gulf Shores, AL (December 10, 2019) – As part of its mission to create signature custom looks and unique design elements for hospitality and residential projects, Villa Lagoon Tile has partnered with design-duo powerhouse, Dolores Suarez and Caroline Grant of Dekar Design to launch their first cement tile collection. 

“Our inaugural collection with Villa Lagoon Tile was initially inspired by the connections to design we made visiting our favorite places in the Mediterranean,” Caroline Grant, co-founder, Dekar Design. “After we initially outfitted two of New York’s most beloved restaurants with tile designs representing interpretations of our travels, we believed the natural, artisan detail of Villa Lagoon Tile’s cement tile was the ideal way to help us revive the look for this official new collection.”

The Dekar Design collection—all inspired by and aptly named after Mediterranean cities— is available in four unique, hand-painted designs, including: Algiers, Ischia, Naples and Patmos. The Naples and Algiers collections are available in five colorways, while Ischia offers two variations. Patmos offers three different color options. 

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Dekar Designs because of their distinct ability to invigorate the energy and character of any space through their design vision,” said Lundy Wilder, founder, Villa Lagoon Tile. “Dekar Design’s new collection allows for various configurations and is perfect for any designer who wants to add unique design flair to any hospitality project.”

These dynamic tiles are made to last: no printed-on color here. Similar to natural stone, each cement tile is unique with slight color variations, the sign of an artisan-made product. Installing cement tiles is similar to installing natural stone, with tighter grout lines and use of a sealant after the tiles are set.

The exclusive collection with Dekar Designs is available only through Villa Lagoon Tile. For more information, please visit



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New Breeze Block Collection Reinvigorates Mid-Century Decorative Style

Gulf Shores, AL (September 17, 2019) ― Villa Lagoon Tile is putting its own spin on the revival of the popular mid-century decorative concrete masonry block with the launch of its new Breeze Block Collection.

“The revival of the breeze block is due to the ability to create unique spaces with eye-catching geometric patterns while also providing functionality,” said Lundy Wilder, founder, Villa Lagoon Tile. “Unlike cast-poured, concrete breeze blocks which are most common, the Villa Lagoon Tile collection is produced by our artisans who have taken their refined knowledge of decorative cement tile making to deliver a smoother, denser, and more refined product.”

The addition of Villa Lagoon Tile’s breeze blocks product line also provides a new, creative outlet for its artisans who are already skilled in producing decorative cement tiles.

The new Breeze Block Collection is perfect for both residential and hospitality designers who want to add beauty and distinctive character to any interior or exterior space. Breeze Blocks—which provide privacy, shade, and weather protection while allowing light and ventilation—are ideal for building permeable residential or hospitality wall structures, including partitions. They also add a creative, unique touch to residential applications, including: kitchen islands, shelves, accent walls, and exterior brise soleils.

Villa Lagoon Tile’s Breeze Blocks are available in 21 striking patterns and eight colors, including: Natural Gray, Natural White, Black, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, and Brown.

For more information on Villa Lagoon Tile’s new Breeze Block Collection, please visit .



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“Cozumel” Breeze Blocks in Natural Gray
“Cozumel” Breeze Blocks in Natural White
“Bali” Breeze Blocks in Natural Gray

Amalena Meadow Cement Tiles Celebrate Global Design

Villa Lagoon Tile designers bring a global perspective to every new tile design, finding inspiration in the shapes, patterns, colors and textures of different parts of the world. Sometimes, that inspiration results in the merging of influences to create one-of-a-kind patterns in handcrafted cement tile. The Amalena tile series blends the bold energy of Cuban design with the intricate details of antique Turkish rugs, making it perfect as an accent wall by a soaking tub or an outdoor living room.

Bathroom design by Preferred Home Builders, Conga Park, CA

Lively floral and geometric forms that are the hallmark of Cuban tile design marry with delicate domes, arches, and minarets that epitomized the architecture and textiles of the Ottoman Empire. The result is a lush, tropical vibe with a twist.

Kitchen Design by Story Hill Renovations, Wauwatosa, WI

Because the Amalena series takes inspiration from Turkish textiles, it is also an ideal choice for creating the classic rug-like effect with a border tile surrounding a field tile on the floor. This type of installation creates a sense of drama in both hospitality and residential projects.

A single row of border tiles will add a finishing touch to a cement tile floor, but if the room is large enough, a border made up of two, three or even more rows of tile can create an opulent and unforgettable impression.

The Amalena series is available in a choice of four colorways that combine our most vivid South Beach Colors. Or, make the look completely your own with our easy-to-use cement tile design tool that allows you to customize your color palette.

These dynamic tiles are made to last: no printed-on color here. Similar to natural stone, each cement tile is unique with slight color variations, the sign of an artisan-made product. Installing cement tiles is similar to installing natural stone, with tighter grout lines and use of a sealant after the tiles are set.

Bathroom design by Preferred Home Builders, Conga Park, CA

To purchase Amalena tile and sealant factory-direct, or to learn more about the benefits of using cement tile, click here.

Cement Tile: A Statement-Making Solution for a Historic Home Remodel

Julie and Barret Blondeau wanted to make a statement when they updated the bathroom in their 90-year-old home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. To achieve their design goals, they selected cement tile from the Caprice collection from Villa Lagoon Tile to replace the outdated flooring in their bathroom.

Julie was kind enough to chat with us about the new bathroom design and her experience with our cement tile. 

What prompted you to start the bathroom renovation? What were some of the aesthetic design choices that went into creating this bath?

In November of 2017, we bought a 90-year-old home with lots of beautiful historical detail. We wanted to update the house to match our style in a way that would not conflict with its unique character. When we were ready to remodel the bathroom, I knew I wanted to make a statement, and my instinct was it needed to be the flooring. 

I found Villa Lagoon Tile cement tiles and loved the look. I also thought the artisan look would blend seamlessly with the rest of the house. I tend to go neutral with walls, floors, etc., and almost went with the grey and white tiles, but I kept coming back to this black and white design. It’s a perfect fit in our bathroom and makes a beautiful design statement, but it’s also timeless, which is one of the things I love about cement tile. 

Have you used cement tiles before? What do you like about cement tiles? What did you find different about working with cement tiles? 

I’ve never used them before. I like the thickness and the fact that each tile is unique with slight color variations, which is the sign of an artisan-made product. Stone and Tile Works by Manny laid down the cement tile floor and did a beautiful job!

I’ve learned that while cement tile requires a little more care during installation and cleaning, they are made to last. I am also very pleased with how well they clean up, especially because the bathroom is regularly used by my teenage daughters. 

Would you recommend Villa Lagoon cement tiles? Why or why not?

Yes, I would! They are beautiful and unique and there’s a wide range of styles and colors. Everyone who I dealt with at Villa Lagoon Tile are truly cement tile experts and couldn’t have been more helpful and pleasant.

Tell us a little more about your business.

We have lived in Louisiana all our lives and love our area–we take a lot of pride in making it a better place. We enjoy helping others make it their place, too. We own Cottonwood Properties and Realty in Baton Rouge, LA, and we handle both rentals and investment properties. Barret is a Broker/Realtor and I am a Realtor. We are passionate about home life, and the benefit of working with us is that we are involved in every aspect of real estate, so we bring a lot of knowledge to the table. We have our hands in this industry in several different ways, which is great because we get to help on many levels, from house hunting with a client to fixing up a property to sell to someone. We love working with people, but we also appreciate the construction side of this line of work, as well as the creativity involved. 

Visit Cottonwood Properties on Facebook and Instagram.

Bringing the Colors of Summer Home All Year Long

If summer is your jam, take your cues from these hues for your home to make every day feel like summer vacation:

Summer color #1: Yellow It’s no surprise that sunny hues are the best way to feel summery. Bring the summer sunshine indoors by adding a touch of gold to walls, floors, and decor. If saturated, bright yellow is a little too much summer, go deeper into golden tones or use yellow as an accent color to brighten any room in a more subtle way.

The deep yellow cement tiles in the Colorful Patchwork Collection bring a subtle glow to this cheerful bathroom.

The hints of gold in this colorful installation of large-format Troika triangular cement tiles imbue this restaurant space with a bright and sunny atmosphere.

Inspired by the colors and patterns of Cuban tile designs, the Tango Vals tiles showcase a summery, energetic point of view.

Did you know summer colors can be mixed and matched in limitless combinations using our Tile Design Tool! Give it try, it’s fun and so easy to use.

Summer color #2: Green From fresh and minty to deep and grassy, we agree with Paul Simon that the greens of summer make you think all the world’s a sunny day. 

This cool green and gold custom tile installation at Phillipe Stark’s SLS Hotel in Las Vegas brings the perfect eclectic vibe to an outdoor pool and bar.

Green hexagonal cement tiles add sophisticated and summerlike pop of color in this cafe.

Rippling with free-flowing color, these green tiles from the Villa Lagoon Tile Watercolor Series evoke the play of sunlight on a body of water. 

Summer color #3: Coral. Living Coral was named the Pantone Color of the Year 2019, and it’s the perfect shade for summer. This warm, lively hue brings a playful vibe to outdoor patios as well as any indoor living or hospitality space.

This dining room exudes warmth and elegance, emphasized by the earth tones of the Lisbon Primero tile on the floor.

Every day is a vacation in the Caribbean with this brightly-colored, island-inspired patio space.

Bursting with summer color, Caprice June cement tile brings the outdoors inside with details inspired by plants and flowers.

“Here on the Gulf coast, we do feel a little of that endless summer vibe,” said Melissa Adams Dillon, who leads the Villa Lagoon Tile design team at their Gulf Shores, AL US headquarters.”That’s why I think about yellows, greens and corals for indoor and outdoor decor for anyone who wants a space that feels like summer all year long!” 

Villa Lagoon Tile Wins Big at the 2019 HD Expo Trade Show

Villa Lagoon Tile cemented great relationships with hospitality designers at the 2019 HD Expo show when our Ombré Collection won the prestigious ASID DESIGN IMPACT Award.

ASID CEO Randy Fiser presenting the Design Impact award to Villa Lagoon Tile.
ASID Award Presentation at Villa Lagoon Tile’s booth. Left to Right: John M. Adams, Melissa Adams Dillon, Rusty Dillon, Randy Fiser.

“No sooner than the P.A. system announced the launch of the show, a striking crowd began gathering near our booth,” said John Adams, Villa Lagoon Tile director of technology and long-time employee. “Next thing I know, I’m shaking hands with Randy Fiser, CEO of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and trying to comprehend that they were telling us, ‘you won!’” 

ASID believes that design impacts lives, and seeks to recognize companies who make that belief a priority in their work. We count Villa Lagoon Tile among those organizations.

Randy Fiser, Hon. FASID, CEO, American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)

The Ombré Cement Tile series, inspired by the traditional textile technique of dying or weaving color from dark to light, is the result of nearly a half-year of work between our designer, Melissa Adams Dillon, and the cement tile artisans at our studio.

Villa Lagoon Tile's Ombré Collection on display with the ASID Design Impact Awards, at HD Expo 2019.
Villa Lagoon Tile’s Ombré Collection presentation at HD Expo 2019, bearing the ASID Design Impact Award.

Melissa was also part of the team behind our new Cuban Collection that debuted at the show, a team that included our Founder-Designer Lundy Wilder. Inspired by their research trip to Cuba, the two women created a series that honors the traditional floors they observed, while also adding new, contemporary options to the genre.

Villa Lagoon Tile's Cuban Collection Cement Tile

And as if all that hasn’t kept Melissa busy enough, she also led the team in launching our new Watercolor series, mesmerizing pigmented color that flows freely, as if on a watercolor painting. 

Villa Lagoon Tile's Water Color series of cement tile.

Cement tile is perfect for hospitality projects as evident in these gorgeous restaurant installations. Our exclusive cement tile design tool makes it easy to create and order one-of-a-kind signature looks for your hospitality projects.

As happily unexpected as it was to win the ASID Impact award, the unexpected is what Villa Lagoon Tile always strives for as we continually push the boundaries of design and performance in cement tile offerings.

New Tile Collection Inspired by Artistic Traditions of Watercolor Painting

LAS VEGAS, HD EXPO (May 15, 2019) ― Villa Lagoon Tile continues to push the boundaries of creating the unexpected in cement tile offerings with the launch of its new Watercolor Collection. Inspired by the traditions of watercolor painting, Villa Lagoon Tile is the first manufacturer to offer this dynamic, hand-made watercolor process for cement tiles.

Similar to watercolor paints where the pigments are suspended in water, Villa Lagoon Tile developed a unique and proprietary technique that allows the pigmented color to flow freely in the cement while still controlling the balance of negative space. The process is completely conducted by hand and requires no mold, which means no two tile patterns will ever be alike.

The watercolor tiles can be produced in multiple color combinations and are perfect for anyone who wants to imbue their distinctive personality into their living space. The combinations can be custom made and are ideal for residential designers who wish to evoke a sense of serenity and presence of artistry into their client’s homes. The collection is also perfect for designers charged by their hospitality clients to create a space that reinforces unique brand personality.

Also, these dynamic tiles are made to last: no printed-on color here. Similar to natural stone, each cement tile is unique with slight color variations, the sign of an artisan-made product. Installing cement tiles is similar to installing natural stone, with tighter grout lines and use of a sealant after the tiles are set.

For more information on Villa Lagoon Tile’s new Watercolor Collection, please visit



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