Bahama Bathroom

A while back we had a wonderful experience of working with a couple who were building in the Caribbean. For starters, they sent a great diagram of the entire room’s elevations. They were careful to count all necessary bullnose and edger tiles and having this elevation diagram that showed all openings and tile edges was a huge assist in the tile count. Oh how we wish every home-owner job had the same up-front planning.

Sue and Dewey used our Villa Lagoon Tile Collection’s “Trellis Shell” tile as a perfect beachy bathroom tile. These photos she sent were while the bathroom was still under construction, but even so, we think they look great.

Using the correct sealant is all important in a bathroom. All cement tile must be sealed, but where water is always present and lots of cleaning takes place, it is especially important. Villa Lagoon Tile has access to the right sealants for cement tile bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor installations.
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