Big Joy in Tiny Tiles

Villa Lagoon Tile’s patterns adorn some of the most charming miniature rooms.  Sylvia de Groot, a highly skilled Dutch artist of charming scale model rooms and chateaux uses our Villa Lagoon Tiles Coastal Collection in many of her projects..

Her Chambre de Séraphine has a balcony and bathroom floor of our Trapani “Midnight”. This tile is a Villa Lagoon Tile exclusive and was originally designed by Lundy Wilder for a master bedroom floor.

Villa Lagoon Tile's "Trapani Midnight", reproduced in miniature.

Villa Lagoon Tile's "Trapani Midnight", reproduced in miniature.


The potting bench on the balcony has a bit of spilled dirt but this bathroom does look like it needs a good scrubbing !

Villa Lagoon Tile's "Trapani Midnight", reproduced in miniature.Another room has tiny tiles of our exclusive Italian Trellis pattern in Taupe and a border tile of Shell Trellis

Villa Lagoon Tile's "Trapani" in "Azul Frost", reproduced in miniature.

Another project, a little Greek house has our Trapani tile in the “Azul Frost”.

 A miniature home, with reproduced Villa Lagoon Tile.

Villa Lagoon Tile's "Trapani" in Azul Frost, reproduced in miniature.


Villa Lagoon Tile's "Trapani", reproduced in miniature.


Back in 2011 ago Kathi Laugherty let us know that she was using our tile in one of her scale model projects.

She cut each VLT exclusive Savona “Beachtile individually and wrote about it on her blog post.

Villa Lagoon Tile's "Savona Beach", reproduced in miniature.


Her mini beach house kitchen looks wonderfully cozy and whimsical. Villa Lagoon Tile's "Savona Beach", reproduced in miniature.

Villa Lagoon Tile's "Savona Beach", reproduced in miniature.

We are delighted that miniaturists like our tile for their projects. If you know of others, please drop us an email.

Villa Lagoon Tile on NPR ! Internet sales tax / small business

NPR-headphonesWe were so happy to have been interviewed by NPR’s David Greene of Morning Edition.
This brief nationally broadcast radio piece brought us thousands of new visitors to the website.

And while we do not object to the concept of sales tax for Internet sales, we just hope some simple method of payment will be devised, something like Europe’s VAT. We have 3077 individual counties in the USA, all with individual sales tax rates. Whew!!

Tile Climbs to a Higher Resolution

Update: As of October 2015, we have discontinued advertising the ceramic and porcelain tile murals on our website, in order to tighten our focus on cement tile. For purchase inquiries, please contact us, and ask for Dave.

The original, September 2012 post:

Of course Villa Lagoon Tile is home to artist, designer and cement tile expert Lundy Wilder, but we also keep our eye on the future.  While we specialize in making it easy to bring the old-world charm and beauty of hand-made cement tile to your home or business, we love all beautiful tile, whether the techniques are old or new.

We are proud to announce our newest line of tile products: tile murals.  Thanks to advancements in materials and dye sublimation printing, we can produce beautiful and durable tile products with printed images…  painting reproduction, photographs, digital art, you name it!  Break that image across a large grid of tiles, and now you have a beautiful tile mural, limited only by your installation space.  Villa Lagoon Tile partner Dave Perry has made it his mission to study these processes and source the finest in materials and techniques to beautify your projects.

Our catalog of stock images for mural production is now available online, and debuts with more than 8,400 images.  Ranging from classics like Van Gogh’s Starry Nights and Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to modern marvels such as shuttle launches and Times Square, you’ll be amazed at the variety.

Not enough for you?  We can use your own photographs, logos and art for truly custom tile murals!  Spread your company logo across the wall behind the reception desk, put images of your own restaurant’s menu items on an accent wall near the entrance, the possibilities are endless.  For questions, ordering or submitting your own work for custom murals, as always contact Villa Lagoon Tile, and ask for Dave.

Delightful Video Series

We are enchanted by Sonia Gill and producer Mariana Hellmund’s video series about Sonia’s Travels. Even tho we only get a trip out of the USA once or twice a year (usually once), we feel like we have had a mini vacation w/ some exotic inspiration when we watch the latest installment of their short flicks.
Today is the garden behind Notre Dame…who knew ? Sonia of course.

Painted Canvas Rugs

Lundy Wilder holding a Laurel Original painted canvas rug, of Villa Lagoon Tile’s “Pescado” pattern.

We recently entered a design contest sponsored by Laurel’s Originals in Costa Rica. We submitted a small run design that used our Pescado “Caribbean” Cement Tile and Shell Scroll “Azul” tiles and WON !

Laurel Anderson sent us a wonderful hand painted canvas floor cloth rug in our winning design.  We haver given Laurel permission to offer her colorful canvas rugs in some of our tile designs. Be sure to check out her website.

This is the way to get our great tile designs in a durable, yet lightweight, portable format.