Tile Designs Based on Textiles

We had never heard of Kuba cloth when Stu Neyland submitted his new designs for his super cool collection of cement tile. We just knew it was a great floor tile design. Turns out that Stu and his wife Suzie have a collection of authentic Kuba cloth. Several pieces are framed and hanging above their fireplace and Stu had used them as inspiration for his tile design.

One wonderful aspect of Stu’s Kuba tile is that one can lay the tile in any orientation and the resulting pattern looks different depending on your choices.

Read more about The Stu Neyland Collection of cement tiles and see the Kuba  tiles in various colorways.

More and more designers are becoming aware of African Kuba cloth.
To make Kuba cloth the Kuba people of the Congo cut and weave dyed pieces of raffia. The several different sub-groups of the Kuba people have unique ways to make their fabric. Many of the patterns are arranged to have meanings. And what a handsome floor tile it makes !

New Patchwork Tile Photos

For the longest time we only had graphic images of our popular Patchwork Mix tile. Now that the weather is so perfect, we went to the warehouse and lay out one box of each of the 8 mixed tile boxes. To make a complete rectangle we had to also slip in 2 or 3 extra tiles to finish it out. But now clients can see exactly how the actual Patchwork Cement Tiles will look. See see the finished Patchwork Cement Tile layout here. 

Ikat Underfoot

The word “ikat” means “to bind.” It is a very ancient way of creating designs in fabric by resist-dyeing the threads before the fabric is woven. The resulting fabric has a soft zig-zag edge where colors change.

Our new Ikat Tiles reflect this popular look in a mix and match set of four patterns.

VLT Exclusive Ikat Cement Tile
VLT Exclusive Ikat Cement Tile

Create an exotic tropical look using our Ikat Tiles wall to wall or visualize a woven rug by combining central pattern tiles with border tiles.

Our In Stock Ikat Cement Tile is coming in black and white , a VERY popular combo, but you can order them in any colors you like.

We will put notice on the website when the in-stock tiles arrive… pre-orders are accepted. Remember that in-stock tile is convenient for quick delivery but costs more than custom orders…warehouse overhead baby !

Ikat tile design A
Ikat Tile A
ikat tile pattern in blue and aqua
Ikat Tile B
cement tile ikat design in chevron pattern ikak, ikat
Ikat Tile C