Cement Tile Circling the Globe: India

Cover of June 2013 issue of Surfaces Reporter Magazine.We already know that cement tile has recently seen huge surges in popularity in the US and Canada, the United Kingdom, and throughout Europe. Now India has caught the fever! India’s Surfaces Reporter Magazine devoted a portion of their June 2013 issue to the growing popularity of decorative cement tile in India over the last decade.

The article, “Are Decorative Cement Floor Tiles Making a Comeback?” is a great basic primer, tracing the history of cement tile and its revival, as well as discussing practical issues such as installation and purchasing tips. The author spoke with several experts in researching this article, and even featured an interview with our very own Lundy Wilder!

You can find the original article at Surfaces Reporter, however some have had trouble with loading the Flash application, so you can also find the article alone here, as a PDF.

Oh, and to answer the question posed by the article’s title: EMPHATICALLY YES!

An installer laying 10-inch “Venetian” in the “Sunset” colorway, a Lundy P. Wilder original design. Now also available in a more economical 8-inch, with an in-stock option: “Italian Trellis”.