Cement Tile Designer’s Corner – Cool Tricks with Tile

Thoughtful Kitchen Floor Layout

Seattle kitchen tile floor

The kitchen above is in a vintage home in Seattle Washington. The designer was The Kitchen Witch. See how creatively they used our Foliage Border in “Antique” in all its forms. The designer used the corner tile as a field tile which surrounds a medallion made from the regular border tile. Working out a nice design on paper is worth the effort.

A small bathroom projects style with an interesting floor.

You can certainly take the emphasis off the smaller size of a bathroom with a jazzy floor. Look how this Cuban tile pattern becomes the focal point for this Miami condo bathroom.

Cuban tile supplier in Miami

An Art Deco Patio – Variations in Gray, Black and White

For an upcoming project we have been asked to help design a tile layout for a large outdoor patio at a California home that will soon be undergoing renovation. This is the property of an Oscar nominee actor. The kitchen will be our classic Cubes tile in Black, white and gray. The owner wants a complimentary design for the patio but something on a larger scale.

Cement tile in Hollywood home

Here are some of the designs we sent to the client:

Dekor pattern cement tile in 3 colors

Using our tile design tool we put together an assortment of possible patio tile layouts. Some are using 8 inch cement tile, others are 12 inch tile. They may opt to have one of our eight inch designs custom made in a 12 inch mold. This is an important project and this home will be featured on television in 2012. So ck back later for links to the TV show when it is announced. You better believe we will feature it on our home page !

Cuban tile in three colors cement

Same tile as above, just rotated differently.

Checkered colored tile floor

Checkered tile pattern in 3 colors, an eight inch tile.

Escher tyle floor tile

This pattern, Harlequin III is set in offset rows.

3 D looking floor tile

Harlequin Square 8″ cement tile…3 colors

midcentry modern tile design

Damsella cement tile in 8″

Geometric floor tile

Quadro Centro 12 inch cement tile in 3 colors

California cement tile source

Benedetta Art Deco cement tile design in 8 inch

Of course we will add some photos of the final tile design choice.

A Cement Tile Foyer in a California Home

Want the look of a narrow border and a cost savings at the same time ? One of our clients picked a standard border tile (Ritz) that could be cut in half to create two 2 4″ x 8″ matching border tiles. See Ritz Border before it is cut below.

Very thrifty and just the look he wanted. Not shown in the images is some monochrome black tile from the pattern border to the wall.

Mission Tile in black gray and white
Custom tile for a foyer in California.

Ritz Border tile and New Castle in custom colors for the field tile.

Custom cement tile

And now a photo of the finished floor.

Thank you Mark Goff for posting your blog photos. www.227northstreet.com

Make a small room a happy room

Our Patchwork tile was recently featured on Apartment Therapy Blog:

Patchwork tile bathroom floor

Take the emphasis off a small space’s tight dimensions by using a lively floor that gives the eye and mind some entertainment…it works !

No End to the Variations…

This week we had an inquiry from a famous London dept. store for a classic tile pattern for a new part of their store. I requested some images from our Euro partner’s design dept to pass along. Of course they sent the basic layout suggestion in very pretty but subtle colors..but…

European cubes tile layout suggestion
Cubes classic cement tile layout

Zak, the graphic artist started to have some fun…look what can happen if this same tile pattern (#112 on European Patterns) is made in bright colors:

Cubes tile in multi colors
Multi color cement tile layout 1

Now check out these variations of floor tile patterns by alternating the colored areas and rotating the tile in different directions as you lay it.

Cubes tile in multi color variations 2
Cubes cement tile multi color
Cement tile cubes multi color variation
Cubes cement tile color variation 4

And this is only the beginning !!

Gettin’ Jazzy

Just look what you can do with one corner tile. We love this look and it reminds us of Art Deco designs. One corner tile is poured two ways, one half of the tiles are the reverse colors of the other.

Jazzy tile floor Original Mission Tile corner

Imagine a jazzy foyer that energizes you every time you come or go. Look at these patterns couple of feet from your monitor to get the real effect.

Original Mission Tile Art Deco Floor

We think this black and white version would look grand with a monochrome black border.

In a Pinch

Ever wonder what to do with you only have just so many pattern tiles and you need to cover a larger area ? You can create a great layout using the 5 to 4 lattice of five solid tiles to 4 pattern tiles as shown below.

Cost saving cement tile layout

You can get a fabulous look and really save money too as solid color (monochrome) tiles are less expensive than pattern tiles.

Here is another take on this method:

Curbn tropical tiles in a installation

In this photo of a hallway, (baseboards were not yet added) the pattern tile are surrounded by solid color tiles.