Faith in Mankind

Last week I was flying back from Knoxville. While chatting with my seat mate he mentioned that he traveled in his work. I asked him if he ever went thru John Wayne Airport in Santa Monica, CA. I told him that we had some tile in a nice restaurant there that I would LOVE to get some photos of. Because of airport security, only people with a boarding pass can get behind security to take photos in airport terminals. Plus Santa Monica is a l-o-n-g way from Alabama and I don’t know anyone there. Name of restaurant is Javi’s…a spin-off from a popular group of restaurants in CA called Javier’s.

Low and behold, a fellow in a seat in front of us turned around and told me that he had never been thru John Wayne Airport but was going there the next week and would be happy to take some photos for us. Amazing !! His name is Adam Rankin and we are so grateful for the photos he sent us last night. “Will miracles never cease!” …have no idea where this saying came from, maybe it is Biblical. You hear it in the South. Thanks Adam !!!

The tile here is a custom color combo designed by Yoshiko Tojo
FLEX DESIGNS, INC. Los Angeles, CA 90014

They used a wider grout line than is the usual, but it doesn’t interfere with this bold design. Javi’s is located between Gates 13 & 14 in the Delta Terminal at John Wayne Airport, Santa Monica, CA.