Havana Cantina Cement Tiles Evoke Cool, Eclectic Look and Feel of Cuban and Moroccan Design

This lovely pattern by Villa Lagoon Tile can transform your room to summon Morocco’s coastline or transport you back to the streets of Old Havana. Named Havana Cantina, the handcrafted “cultural crossover” cement tile looks stunning in a master bath or even as a kitchen backsplash.

The repeating geometry of the eight-pointed stars in cool shades of sage, rainforest and seashell complement the flowing organic elements to create a larger floral pattern.

Or, make the hues completely your own with an easy-to-use cement tile design tool that customizes your color palette. These dynamic tiles are made to last: no printed-on color here. Villa Lagoon cement tiles are handcrafted in studios around the world where the design reflects the region.

Similar to natural stone, each tile is unique with slight color variations, the sign of an artisan-made product. Installing cement tiles is also similar to natural stone, with tighter grout lines and use of a sealant after the tiles are set. MSRP for the tiles is $11.74 per square foot. To purchase Havana Cantina tile and sealant factory-direct, or to learn more about the benefits of using cement tile, visit villalagoontile.com.