This week is “Crash” week on DIY…

And I’d like to invite you to watch DIY Network’s “Kitchen Crashers” tonight – July 12 10:00PM Eastern/ 9:00PM Central- 10:00PM Pacific.

Villa Lagoon Tile will be used in a project called, “Tear Out that Carpet.” The tile used in the project is called, “La Espanola.” It’s one of our most popular tiles !

Interior designer and host, Alison Victoria, picks a birthday girl out a large crowd after she claims her carpeted kitchen is as bad as it gets. The green carpet is just the beginning of a long list of issues in this dated, isolated and under-utilized kitchen.

Hope you can catch this episode and see how our hand-made tiles can be used to make a surprised homeowner’s day…

La Espanola In-Stock Cement Tile from Villa Lagoon Tile