“Glory of the Sea” Cement Tile Floor

Glorious seashell cement tile floor design.

Cement Tile Floor Design

The traditional way to design a cement tile floor is with a central tile rug, surrounded by a patterned tile border and solid color cement tiles out to the walls.

This glorious cement tile floor design was recently created by request. For all its grandeur, it is a relatively inexpensive floor design due to the use of so many cost-saving solid colors. The few patterned tile that are used, are well-chosen and give grand structure and a stately presence to this tile floor.

This design can be adapted for larger or smaller rooms or patios.

The tiles used in this creation are:

Solid Sky Blue, Ribbon Border “Gold”Shell Scroll Border “Azul”, Solid Light Turquoise, and Solid “Sugar Cookie”.

As shown it is a floor for an aprox. 13 1/2 ft x 17 1/2 ft room.

This floor as shown uses 124 Patterned Tiles and 198 Solid Tiles.

Printable .pdf file of this floor design (98kb)