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Caribbean Cement Tile Installations

Cement tile has been popular in the Caribbean for more than a century. These photographs taken in the Caribbean show the versatility and beauty of cement tile.

Caribbean tile dining area with cement tile
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Pattern: Melilla

Notice that these tiles are laid on the diagonal and have a playful zig-zag edge where the pattern tiles join the solid tiles.

This indoor-outdoor dining area is in a Caribbean beach home or architect Oscar Imbert and is a weekend residence. Even though the island has been subject to numerous hurricanes in recent history, the cement tile floors in this open-air home still look vivid and wonderful.

Caribbean tile entrance hall with motorscooter

Pattern: Melilla

The entrance hall of cement tile is durable enough for the owner to keep his motorscooter indoors. Click photo to enlarge.

Dominican Republic architects house

This photos is from another tropical home designed by Oscar Imbert.

Note the interesting arrangement of cement tile patterns.

In the Bahamas our cement tile is sometimes called Nassau Tile.

We have had a lot of clients in the Caribbean. Have a look at cement tile for Bahamas and nearby Caribbean Islands.

Cement tile on a porch in the Bahamas

This outdoor room is both a patio and an outdoor living room. The arched openings have motorized canvas panels that can drop down to provide cover when bad weather strikes--which is does on a regular basis on this island. The patterned mosaico hidraulico tiles are inset in a grid of solid color cement tiles. for an elegant and upscale look.

Close up of caribbean tile patio floor
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Pattern: San Juan

Cement tile outdoor patio room
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Pattern: San Juan

The wonderful sheen that you see on these cement tiles comes naturally when the tiles receive a light waxing and regular mopping with maybe a capful of liquid wax or mineral oil added to the water.

Caribbean island beach house home
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Pattern: Alcalla

This Caribbean dining room has a cement tile floor in a bordered rug pattern. This durable hard surface makes cleanup easy in a dining room setting. Caribbean tile dining room floor tile
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Pattern: Sosua

All tile patterns shown on this page are available. Additionally, we can reproduce any antique tile floor pattern for you, ... contact us.

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