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Cement Tile

Video: Introduction to Cement Tile

Lundy Wilder of Villa Lagoon tile shows the cement tile installations in her home, with design tips.

An Overview of Cement Tile

Encaustic Cement tile is a hand-made decorative tile produced from cement, marble dust, and mineral pigments, then pressed by hydraulic machines and cured naturally.

Cement tile has a beautifully rich finish, and is infinitely customizable. This has led to an explosive growth in use by creative designers seeking to create unique spaces.

Direct production "custom cement tile" can often be the most economical, but can take six weeks to several months to produce and transport, depending on your options.

If you have a schedule crunch, Villa Lagoon Tile has the finest collection of in-stock cement tile in North America. These tiles are available for immediate shipment.

Through the years we have become experts at international logistics, developing production agreements on three continents. Someone on our team would be glad to answer your questions, and custom-tailor the best cement tile solution for your project... just ask!

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Custom Nuevo Castillo Installation Photo


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