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Cement Tile for Large and Commercial Projects

At Villa Lagoon Tile, we strive to streamline the process of buying cement tile. For larger projects there are greater complexities, but also more opportunities. If your large or commercial project exceeds 500 squre feet, please contact us. We'd love to work with your architect, designer, or builder to provide the best options custom-tailored to your project's needs. Give us a call and see why we consistently win repeat businesses from clients such as Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Gensler, and the Puccini Group.

Click Here for an Interactive Map of some of our publicly-accessible commercial projects.

We also have a Commercial Installation Gallery.

You may also be interested in our new lines of commercial ceramic and porcelain tiles made to simulate the appearance of authentic cement tile at a fraction of the price. These durable, low maintenance tile are easier to install, require no sealant, and can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership for your project's flooring. These can be a great low-cost alternative for projects that can meet the larger minimum order sizes (500 square feet).

Call us at 1-251-968-3375 or e-mail [email protected] to discuss your project's unique needs.

Fueling a Revolución!

Cement Tile floor in U.K. franchise.

This is a stunning large installation of cement tile in the Revolución De Cuba, Sheffield, England. This is one of several installations in the wildly popular chain of Revolution Vodka Bars, and their Rum-inspired offshoot Revolución De Cuba chain. We are so proud that our tile has been chosen over and over throughout their rapid expansion across the United Kingdom. Their territory now stretches from Aberdeen to Plymouth, and more than 60 locations in between.

Preserving the Past

Tile installation at the Robert F. Kennedy Central Los Angeles Learning Center

This was a very special project for us and the Los Angeles community. The remodel of the historic Ambassador Hotel (site of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy) into the Robert F. Kennedy Central Los Angeles Learning Center. As a part of the project, we had custom molds produced to match the original field, border, and corner tiles of the old hotel. This is just one of the wonderful capabilities available when you are working with cement tile. To read more about the work that went into matching this tile, click here: Historic Tile Reproductions | Villa Lagoon Tile.


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