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Three Continents
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Custom Cement Tile

We offer more cement tiles than you will find anywhere else. Our production network now spans four countries on three continents.

The South Beach Collection, Decorative Cement Tile Jeff Shelton Architect's Cement Tile SeriesStu Neyland's N-finity Series, Decorative Cement Tile Villa Lagoon Tile's Ombré Cement Tile Technique.  Wake up your space.Villa Lagoon Tile's Ombré Cement Tile Technique.  Wake up your space. Villa Lagoon Tile's new Cuban Tile collection of cement tile. The Dekar Design Cement Tile Series The Venetian Series, Decorative Cement Tile The Coastal Series, Decorative Cement TilesThe Havana Style Series, Decorative Cement Tile

Why the different collections?

We partner with several different cement tile studios, each in a different country. We try to match the job to the best choice based on cost, logistics, work load, etc. Each tile studio has its own color palette and pattern molds on-hand.

It is possible to ask a tile studio to try to match another studio's colors, but this adds additional time, expense, and variablility. Some of our studios have better colorists than others, and we'd be happy to discuss your needs, to find the best fit.

See our (Partial) Print Catalog for US, Canada and Caribbean

The The Monterey Collection and Marrakesh Collection are still available, but generally discouraged.

The Caribbean Collection and Cuban Heritage Series have been discontinued.

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