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Marrakesh Palette to Benjamin Moore Color Chart

This is a list of our Marrakesh Collection cement tile colors and the closest match in the Benjamin Moore color chart that we could pick. Our handmade tile has variation in color and the treatment that you give it affects things, it was very hard to be exact in some cases. At least you can know that the colors in this list will be pretty accurate in hue although some tiles will be a slightly lighter or darker shade.

Some were a sure match and others were close. We tested the tile colors both dry and waxed or wet-look to determine the closest Benjamin Moore color match. This chart is presented as a helpful tool only and no guarantees are made. Jot down name and number in case we made a typo.

Villa Lagoon Tile, Marrakesh Collection cement tile colors to nearest Benjamin Moore paint colors.
VLT Number VLT Color Name B.M. Color Benjamin Moore Color Name
MA-01 Yellow 2018-30 Citrus Blast
MA-02 Mustard 2160-20 Tumeric
MA-03 Copper 2175-30 Rust
MA-04 Salmon HC-52 Ansonia Peach
MA-05 Stone 2112-50 Stormy Monday
MA-06 Olive 2142-20 Turtle Green
MA-07 Dark Olive 2141-10 Artichoke
MA-08 Steel 2132-40 Eclipse
MA-09 Reed HC-125 Cushing Green
MA-10 Black Int. Rm./Ext Rm Black
MA-11 Anthracite HC-166 Kendall Charcoal
MA-12 Fog AC-25 Harbour Gray
MA-13 Gray AC-29 San Antonio Gray
MA-14 White Int Rm. Navajo White
MA-15 Light Green HC-120 Van Alen Green
MA-16 Light Blue 2135-20 Stonecutter
MA-17 Jeans Ext.Rm. Hamilton Blue
MA-18 Blue 2061-30 Bermuda Blue
MA-19 Light Blue 2062-40 Blue Hydrangia
MA-20 Soil HC-76 Davenport Tan
MA-21 Cinnamon 2164-40 Serengeti Sand
MA-22 Mahogany 2113-30 Bison Brown
MA-23 Claret Red 2084-10 Brick Red
MA-24 Auberguine 2070-10 Tulsa Twilight
MA-25 Red 2088-30 Strawberry Field
MA-26 Pink 2088-60 Fruit Shake
MA-27 Powder 2088-70 Fond Memory
MA-28 Ivory 2148-50 Elephant Trunk
MA-30 Creme 2155-60 Cream Yellow
MA-31 Sky Blue 2065-40 Utah Sky
MA-32 Sand HC-7 Bryant Gold
MA-33 Red 2006-30 Rosey Apple
MA-34 Laguna 2052-30 Tropical Turquoise
MA-35 Fir HC-121 Peale Green
MA-36 Khaki HC-98 Providence Olive

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