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Monterey Palette to Benjamin Moore Color Chart

This is a list of our Monterey Collection cement tile colors and the closest match in the Benjamin Moore color chart that we could pick. Our handmade cement tile has variation in color and the treatment that you give it affects things, it was very hard to be exact in some cases. At least you can know that the colors in this list will be pretty accurate in hue although some tiles will be a slightly lighter or darker shade.

Some were a sure match and others were close. We tested the tile colors both raw and sealed to determine the closest Benjamin Moore color match. This chart is presented as a helpful tool only and no guarantees are made. Jot down name and number in case we made a typo.

Villa Lagoon Tile, Monterey Collection cement tile colors to nearest Benjamin Moore paint colors.
VLT Number VLT Color Name B.M. Color Benjamin Moore Color Name
MO-100 White OC-29 Floral White
MO-101 Black 2118-10 Universal Black
MO-102 Clam 2112-70 American White
MO-103 Naranja 2166-60 Pale Oats
MO-104 Cafe OC-15 Baby Fawn
MO-105 Rosa 2095-60 Southern Comfort
MO-106 Gray HC-170 Stonington
MO-107 Terra Cotta 2175-30 Rust
MO-108 Navy 2062-20 Gentleman's Gray
MO-109 Gold 2155-40 Semolina
MO-915 Mocha 2161-40 Acorn Yellow
MO-912 Blue Fonce 2064-40 Clearest Ocean Blue
MO-911 Blue Clair 2062-60 Blue Hydrangia
MO-910 Vert Fonce 2040-30 Very Green
MO-909 Vert Clair 2034-50 Acardia Green
MO-908 Jaune Fonce 2159-40 Amber Waves
MO-907 Jaune Clair 2153-50 Desert Tan
MO-906 Chocolate 2113-40 Cinnamon Slate
MO-905 Caramel 2166-40 Soft Pumpkin
MO-904 Rouge 2005-30 Bricktone Red
MO-903 Salmon 2175-60 Light Salmon
MO-902 Blanc OC-121 Mountain Peak White
MO-901 Brun Camois 2151-40 Sulfur Yellow
MO-900 Gris 2112-60 Cement Gray
MO-293 Azul Caribe 2037-60 Fairy Tale Blue
MO-291 Verde Caribe 2055-50 Key Lime
MO-289 Azul Weathley 2031-50 Patroit Blue
MO-225 Mohave 2166-20 Caramel Latte
MO-160 Azul Rey 2067-40 Lapis Blue
MO-123 Melon OC-80 Pirate Cove Beach
MO-122 Sandstone AC-8 Butte Rock
MO-110 Green HC-130 Webster Green
MO-111 D'Hanis Red 2091-30 Deep Poinsettia
MO-113 Taupe 2106-60 Soft Sand
MO-114 Sage HC-143 Wythe Blue
MO-115 Adobe 2094-40 Soft Cranberry
MO-117 Heather 2115-40 Mauve Blush
MO-118 Peacock 2041-40 Juneau Spring
MO-119 Blue HC-152 Whipple Blue
MO-120 Aqua 2052-40 Blue Spa
MO-121 Verde Canada HC-121 Peale Green
MO-919 Brick Red 2005-10 Red Rock
MO-923 Dark Brown 2103-10 Natural Brown
MO-366 Amar Dorado 2153-40 Cork
MO-367 Crema HC-8 Desert Gold
MO-364 Blue Asia 2054-70 Clear Skies
MO-165 Gris Mexico 2133-60 Sidewalk Gray
MO-213 Rojo Palo Alto 2004-20 Chili Pepper
MO-365 Chocolat 2109-30 Hearthstone Brown
MO-924 Azul Morocco 2064-50 Clearest Ocaen Blue
MO-150 Verde Militar 2142-10 Mediterranean Blue
MO-363 Green Asia HC-125 Cushing Green
MO-324 Charcoal HC-167 Amherst Gray
MO-916 Sand AC-8 Butte Rock
MO-913 French Blue HC-152 Whisper Blue
MO-914 Sky Blue 2067-50 Summer Blue
MO-917 Green Forest HC-123 Kennebunkport Green
MO-918 Oxford Gray AC-30 Winter Gates
MO-921 Natural Gray HC-164 Puritan Gray
MO-922 Graphite 2112-40 Stone

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