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Roto Tile™ Cement Tile

8" diameter round cement tile and special curved-hexagonal connector pieces. These brand new "Roto Tile™" are a part of our Monterey Collection of cement tile, and can be ordered in any of the 60+ cement tile colors of the Monterey Palette. While we have not yet created any multi-color pattern molds for these brand new shapes, as with any cement tile, custom molds can be commissioned.

Until now, cement tile has been dominated by hard angular shapes - primarily squares, but also hexagons and octagons. Except for Arabesque Classic shaped tile, curves were limited to the ornate patterns that could be created by mold inserts. These new round tiles promise to push the boundaries of traditional cement tile design, and introduce a whole new set of possibilities.

Roto Tile™ Samples, new round cement tile shapes.
Roto Tile™ in Heather and Rosa,
Click for Larger Image.

We have created several supplemental pages for our new Roto Tile™ to help you understand the new shapes and dimensions, and to help tune your creativity to the circular possibilities.

Roto Tile™ Dimensions and Layout

Roto Tile™ Single-Color Layout Examples

Circle Tile, Single-Color ClassicCircle Tile, Single-Color ClassicCircle Tile, Single-Color Classic
...and several more! (Layouts shown above cover just over 5ft. x 5ft.)

At this time we do not have any Roto Tile™ in-stock, but we do have samples available, and custom orders are always available, with an 8-14 week lead time.

50 square foot minimum total order.
Call us at 1-251-968-3375 or e-mail [email protected] to discuss your project.

Roto Tile™ Custom Molds

As with any other cement tile, custom pattern molds can be made... and we already have an example. Click here!

Roto Mold Idea Layout

The term "Roto Tile" is an exclusive trademark of Villa Lagoon Tile.

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