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How to Polish Cement Tile Floors

Cement Floor Crystallisation

Crystallisation is a method of giving a stone floor a harder and very shiny surface. Many commercial concrete floors have a glossy surface that is achieved by commercial polishing companies using certain chemicals and mechanical means.

Chemically, the technique is based on the calcium carbonate in the surface layer of the cement being transformed into the considerably harder calcium fluoride. Other active substances in the crystallisation solution are zinc and magnesium fluorosilicate. Once the solution has had time to take effect, polishing companies use different types of polishing pads.

The machine used should weigh at least 65 kilograms and have a rotation speed of 175 R.P.M. On the floor, a thin film of extremely hard/dense micro crystals will form to become a part of the floor. To ensure that "walking lanes" do not occur, the method requires regular maintenance.

In the USA call a marble restoration company to put this kind of finish on a residential floor. In the South Florida area you may find services that can come to your place to restore an old and negelected Cuban tile floor. If you know of reliable firms, please let us know. In Europe there are services that will restore old cement tile floors that have been neglected.

If we figure out how to tell you to do this yourself, we will add that information, until then we think it is a job for professionals only. Try contacting floor service companies that work on marble floors.

You will still need to seal your floor and if you use a penetrating type sealant make sure you also use a coat of paste wax and buff for protection from acidic food spills.

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