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Super-Low Prices on "Imperfect" Cement Tile

All patterns shown are available for custom order, in the South Beach Collection.

Incredible prices on all of these 8" pattern tiles!

Standard Price: $3.49 per tile ($8.03 / square foot*)
Whole-Lot: Contact Us for Pricing
Sample Tile:$12.00 ea. (inc. shipping) (See Limits)

Read below about price per square foot calculation.

Call 1-251-968-3375 or e-mail [email protected] to discuss your project or order samples.

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About the Imperfect Collection

The tile produced from our South Beach Collection facility is perhaps the highest quality cement tile on the market. Because every tile is hand-made, and the beautiful finish and texture of encaustic cement tile requires finesse, not every tile meets our rigorous quality control standards. These "imperfect" tiles have a character all their own. Depending on the lot, you may see imperfections such as chipped edges or corners, lines that are slightly bleeding, a higher degree of efflorescence (evaporated salt, which looks like a dusting of white powder). In other cases, the bulk of the lot may be first-run quality, but are remainders, cancelled orders, or had other issues unrelated to quality.

Special Conditions

Note: Many of these tiles are pre-treated, and will require alternate sealant methods. Please ask for details.

Pricing includes a "cash discount", and is for the tile only. Pricing does not include shipping or sealant.

Our imperfect tiles are sold "as-is" at greatly reduced pricing. These tiles would fit right at home in the many countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America with a tradition of cement tile.

Ordering Information

8" Square cement tile (200 x 200 x 16 mm)
12 tiles per box, 5.22 square feet

8" Hex cement tile (230 x 200 x 16 mm)
12 tiles per box, 4.44 square feet

30 square foot minimum order. You can mix any in-stock patterns to reach the minimums (whole boxes only).

Minimum order waived for whole-lot purchases.

Price does not include sealant or shipping.

*Tile pricing is per-piece. Price per square foot calculations above apply only to 8" square tiles (2.3 tiles per square foot). 8" hexagonal tiles are 2.7 tiles per square foot.

Call us at 1-251-968-3375 or e-mail [email protected] to discuss your project or order samples.

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