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Cement Tile Installation and Idea Gallery

These cement tile gallery photos show plenty of creative uses of these wonlderful tiles. In American way too many people think tiles belong in the bathroom or maybe the kitchen. This kind of thinking excludes a whole world of possibilities for creative decor.

Ralph Lauren Cement Tile Floor

Above...Ralph Lauren store development team chose a custom color combination tile for their Barbados retail store. See more photos of the Ralph Lauren tile here.

Below...Our Trapani "Midnight" with Ribbon Border "Taupe" in a master bedroom. This is a waterfront home and the sea shells and marine touches in the tile add a whimsical touch to the otherwise formal and classic trellis pattern.

Trapani Midnight Cuban tile in a residential bedroom

Below-A kitchen floor of Surf "Agua" on the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Surf Agua kitchen floor of cement tile

Below: An entrance foyer of Italian Trellis "Sunset" with Shell Scroll "Coral" and solid Goldenrod borders.

Cement tile installation of Venetian Sunset from Villa Lagoon Tile

This is a creative use of our Pescado Coral tile with the less expensive solids. If using a pattern with a field tile and border always consider using a row or two of a solid to go to the walls. All your little cuts for doorways, and irregularities will go unnoticed and you will not have to make cuts to your border.  This narrow hallway now seems much larger and certainly more grand.

Colorful cement tile hallway with pescado coral

Below: A stair landing of solid tile laid on the diagonal.

Solid color cement tiles on a stair landing

Below: Outdoor cement tile "Catalina"pavement in small shopping complex

Cement tile pavement outdoors

"Catalina" cement tile with solids. Notice the variations in color from tile to tile but the over all effect is rich.

Cement tile pavement outdoors in sunshine

Below: Savona "Beach" guestroom floor in a coastal home. This tile can be made both with and without the fish motif.

Savona Beach encaustic tile in Beach
Hexagonal cement tile on a residentail floor

Above: This is the entrance to a ground floor apartment paved with hexagonal cement tiles in solid colors from our palette. The abstract bee (called Riley) is a special order tile designed by a Caribbean artist Thimo Pimentel.

Contemporary fish design cement tile floor

Do you see fish or just a contemporary geometric cement tile pattern ? This custom tile design, called Juanillo, is by artist Thimo Pimentel. We can create a mold to your own designs. Note the blending of numerous colors of blue in the cental part of the room. We can help you create a custom blend of solids.

Below: a cement tile bathroom floor. This is Foliage corner tile from the Foliage Border used as a field tile.

Cement tile batthroom tile floor
Brio Restaurant tile

Above: Tony Chi | Interior Design ...Brio Restaurant NYC using our Marrakesh tile in Black and White...More pictures.

Below is a half bath with a cement tile floor of Ribbon Border tiles laid as a diagonal stripe design.

Tile laid on the diagonal

Below is a bedroom floor of Mayles Cana, a custom artist designed cement tile at the home of artist Alonso Mateo.

Artist designed custom cement tile

Below-Outdoors, paving can be made more interesting and provide traction by combining our solid cement tile with our custom relief cement tiles.

Tocho cement tile used in outdoor paving

An in-progress photo of a home in Dallas.

Cuban tile breezeway in Dallas Texas
Click to see this photo larger.

Laundryroom patchwork tile floor

A residential laundry room with Patchwork cement tile

Cuban tile patchwork floor laundryroom
Cement tile kitchen backsplash Cement tile in American kitchen Stove backsplash of cement tile

Below is a Cement Tile porch of our Pescado "Azul" tile located in the Florida Keys.

Cuban tile front porch
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Hi, Lundy and Dave, my friend who is a very talented contractor/jack of all trades came down end of last week and we got the tiles installed. I could not be any happier. They are really beautiful and extremely unique as you know. Nobody has ever seen tiles like this except for older Cuban neighbors and passersby's who remember them from home. We have had a steady stream of compliments. Anybody wants to know where I got the tiles I will send them to you ! !

Thanks and Best Regards, Daryl, 06/05/11

Pescado Cuban tile porch steps
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Below: A long hallway in a Gulf Coast home that uses Trellis Shell in custom colors along with solids.

Custom cement tile hallway Trellis Shell cement tile in custom colors

Creating interesting designs in a long hallway is one of the best ways to turn an otherwise boring space into a visual treat. Contact us for hallway designs and line drawings so you can create your own custom color tiles.

Request a Trellis Shell line drawing to create your own custom tile.

New College Wall TileNew College Tower

New College of Florida--Custom Designed Tile based on their logo.

Our 10" cement tile on the exterior of a college administration building in all about it and see close-ups.

Sofia Bocassion tile installation of bathroom in Vancouver
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This contemporary tiled bathroom is in Vancouver, CA. with custom Bocassio (aka Neiba) pattern tile.

Cuban tile in a Vancouver bathroom
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Cuban tile in and near Miami and South Florida

Cuban tile in Miami

One of our repeat clients, a talented film producer, sent us photos of her small bathroom done in CH-150-2B tile. Notice how the jazzy bathroom floor takes emphasis off the small size of the oceanview condo.

bisoux cuban tile balcony

This same condo has one of our tiles, the 10" Bisoux, on the balcony.

cuban tile on a miami balcony

Again, this clever condo dweller has brought lively interest to small spaces.

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