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Perspective view of our in-stock Patchwork Cement Tile, from Villa Lagoon Tile.

"Colorful Patchwork" Cement Tile In Stock

This is a colorful mixture of 24 pattern tiles and 8 single-color tiles chosen to work well together, from The South Beach Collection. These are 8" tiles.

This playful style of tile really took off for us in the U.K., after we supplied tile for the popular BBC One program, "DIY SOS". If you have the opportunity to watch, it was featured in Series 22, episode 6, "The Big Build - Ottery St Mary".

Each box contains a mix of several patterns in the set. While these pre-packaged mixes cannot be altered, you can always suppliment the set with some of our other in-stock tile, or ask your installer to omit an undesired pattern (please ensure you have enough extra).

If you desire complete control over your patchwork arrangement, please consider choosing from our in-stock patterns, or even consider choosing your own custom patterns and colors (50 square foot minimum total order, whole boxes only).

Colorful Patchwork, Lot SB-F09, In Stock Spring Deal!

Standard Price:$6.90 per tile ($15.87 / square foot)8 tiles per box.
40% Off: $4.14 per tile ($9.52 / square foot) 2.3 Tiles per Sq.Ft.
500+ sq ft:Call us for a custom quote.
Sample Tile:$12.00 ea. (inc. shipping) (See Limits)

30 square foot minimum order. You can mix any in-stock patterns to reach the minimums (whole boxes only).

Close, but not quite there? Consider a second project for a new kitchen backsplash, bathroom accent wall, or even a picnic table top.

Call us at 1-251-968-3375 or e-mail [email protected] to discuss your project or order samples.

Custom Tile

Unlike with many other products, custom cement tile has no special mark-up. In fact, custom tile can sometimes be slightly less, or even significantly less with large enough orders. Essentially, all cement tile is custom: each tile is hand-made. We pioneered the online in-stock experience to overcome the only difficulty of custom tile: production time. If your project doesn't require your tile for 10-14 weeks or more, and your project is over 50 square feet, custom tile may be your best choice.

You can choose from hundreds of patterns and dozens of colors in the South Beach Collection.

You can even have us create a new, and unique pattern for less than you think... just ask us for details.

Call us at 1-251-968-3375 or e-mail [email protected] to discuss your project or order samples.

Size and Dimensions
8" Square Encaustic Cement Tile

8" is the U.S. nominal size.

Produced in metric to 20cm x 20cm x 12mm.

Approximately 7 ⅞ inches square, ½" thick.

2.3 tiles per square foot. 8 tiles per box standard.

Click here for more technical details.

How to Order

Call us at 1-251-968-3375 or e-mail [email protected] to discuss your project or order samples.

After searching for a custom freight quote, we'll create and send you an invoice, with several payment options, including major credit cards, Paypal, and their "Bill Me Later" financing service.

For e-mail quote requests, please provide with your patterns and quantities a call-back number and a delivery address with zip code, and let us know if this location is residential, or commercial (loading dock or forklift present).

Current Pattern Mix:

Click for larger image...
Patchwork cement tile bathroom floor installation, from Villa Lagoon Tile.
Here our client's designer used a lot of creativity, creating patchwork cement tile panels, and mixing with solid white cement tiles on the floor. Not only did this create a fun and beautiful effect, but mixing with solid color tiles also reduces overall cost!
Shown below, one of each tile in the current patchwork mix.
Click for Larger Image...Patchwork Patterns, From Villa Lagoon Tile

Please Note: Our patchwork sets change and evolve over time. The depictions above and left show the patterns and colors of our currently available patchwork set for North America. Depictions of prior installations may contain patterns no longer in stock. Actual shipment may contain a slight variance in ratios, or a small percentage of alternate tiles.

See even more images: Patchwork Gallery.

Shown below, in a randomized layout.
Click for Larger Image...Patchwork Cement Tile, from Villa Lagoon Tile
3D Floor Render. Click for Larger Image...Patchwork Cement Tile, from Villa Lagoon Tile

Installations (Various Patchwork Mixes)

German kitchen with patchwork tiles

Splashback patchwork tile in England Patchwork tile splashback in England


Patchwork Cement Tile Bathroom Floor

Patchwork Cement Tile Bathroom Floor

See More Images of Patchwork Installations

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