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Cement Tile Technical Information

Product Description

Manufacturing Process

Product Components

  1. Wear Layer or Color layer
    3-5 mm thickness. The layer is composed of:
    • White Portland Cement
    • Marble Dust
    • Silica Sand
    • Calcium Carbonate
    • Mineral Pigments for Color (i.e. Iron, Cobalt and Chromium Oxides)
  2. Tile Body
    10-12 mm in thickness, this part of the tile is composed of:
    • Gray Portland Cement
    • Sand
    • Calcium carbonate

Manufacturing Tolerance


Average Coefficient of Friction

Abrasiveness (scratch-resistance)

DIN 18500

Freeze/Thaw Resistance

Acid Resistance

Use in Wet Areas

Common Formats

Generally the most common and most economical format for cement tile is 8" square (20cm), though 8" hex is becoming very popular. Price per square foot tends to increase as you move away from these sizes. Smaller formats are more labor intensive, while larger formats suffer more losses to breakage.

Cement tile sizes

Common Trim Pieces

Skirting baseboard tiles :

Skirting baseboard tiles

Textured Relief Cement Tile

Several relief patterns are available for added slip prevention outdoors, and we may be able to to provide sandblasting services by request to increase the slip prevention for larger commercial projects.

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