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Historic Art Deco Tile Designs

We can re-created these antique Art Deco tiles on our own ceramic tiles. You get the three dimensional look of the original collector relief tiles but on a flat smooth surface satin finish tile.

To find our Art Deco tile outside the United States, you can visit our United Kingdom and Australia stores, or see our Zazzle information page for links to visit our store in over 20 international versions.

Follow the links below each tile to order our tile through Zazzle.

Our historic reproduction Art Deco tiles available to in the US, UK, Australia, and around the world provide an antique look at a steep discount, as compared to authentic antique tiles. As an added benefit, they come with none of the hassle of finding just enough matching tiles, nor the worry of accidentally damaging valuable antiques.

Using the state-of-the-art reproduction system of our fullfilment partner, we can duplicate historic Art Deco relief tile designs on durable smooth 4.25" and 6" tiles. These ceramic tiles are perfect for walls and backsplashes. Available as shown only.

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