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Fruit and Vegetable Accent Tiles

These colorful jazzy tiles are great for backsplashes and borders. Each reproduces a hand-painted fruit or vegetable, great for kitchens! They also look wonderful when inserted into a tile wall in a random way. You can order these tiles in satin finish in 4.25" and also 6" sizes.

To find our Fruit and Vegetable art tiles outside the United States, you can visit our United Kingdom and Australia stores, or see our Zazzle information page for links to visit our store in over 20 international versions.

Follow the links below each tile to order our tile through Zazzle.

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See how our colorful fruit and veggie ceramic tile would look inserted into standard inexpensive black ceramic tile. The black tiles with the jazzy fruit tiles would make a wonderful backsplash for a wet bar, kitchen, or bath in a modern setting.

Fruit border tiles ceramic

Ceramic fruit tiles
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