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"Sunface" Tile Mural

Sunface Ceramic Tile Mural

This tile mural features a cheerfully anthropomorphized sun, produced across a 9-tile installation. Available now in our Zazzle store on 4.25" and 6" ceramic tile. Unfortunately, we have to list each tile as a separate item for sale, and do not have the option of providing them bundled as a package. Each image below is a direct link to the corresponding tile in the mural. We suggest you purchase one tile to confirm the quality and match colors for surrounding tile if necessary, then return here to buy the remaining 8. All returns and customer service on this product are handled through Zazzle (click here for their return policy). You can also find our store in all of their international sites (UK, Canada, Australia, etc) here.

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Helpful Tip: If you hold the control key "Ctrl" while you click the link, in most browsers it will open the link in a new tab in the background. This way, you can Control-Click all of them (or one row at a time, recommended for slower computers), then go to each tab and click "Add to Cart", then close the tab. When you get to the last one, check your cart to make sure you have them all. (On Macs, use Command-Click)

Sunface Ceramic Tile Mural Top LeftSunface Ceramic Tile Mural Top MiddleSunface Ceramic Tile Mural Top Right
Sunface Ceramic Tile Mural Middle LeftSunface Ceramic Tile Mural CenterSunface Ceramic Tile Mural Middle Right
Sunface Ceramic Tile Mural Bottom LeftSunface Ceramic Tile Mural Bottom MiddleSunface Ceramic Tile Mural Bottom Right
Sunface mural tile. Please use the links above and make sure you buy all 9 tiles (or buy one sample, and return to buy the other 8).

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