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Replica Cement Tile for Large and Commercial Projects

Terrades Grafito Ceramic Tile Barcelona Patchwork Tile

We now carry durable porcelain and ceramic tile that simulates the cement tile look. The Barcelona Ceramic Collection is an assortment of 27 field and border patterns, a dozen single-color tiles, and 4 patchwork series simulating encaustic cement tile on 8" ceramic tile.

Comparing Authentic and Replica Cement Tile

Authentic Cement Tile

  • Natural Mineral Pigments.
  • Hand-Made Product, with Natural Variation.
  • Requires Special Instruction for Many Installers.
  • Requires Sealant, can Benefit from Wax.
  • Special Care Must be Taken to Avoid and Mitigate Staining.
  • In-Stock Assortment Available (See Them Here).
  • Infinite Customization Options (See Them Here).
  • Relatively Expensive.
  • Smaller Minimum Orders:

Replica Cement Tile

  • Industry-Leading Quality Photo-Reproduction.
  • Machine-Crafted, with Nuanced Variance by Design.
  • Standard Ceramic Tile Installation.
  • Requires No Sealant or Wax.
  • Standard Cleaning Methods for Ceramic Tiles.
  • Available to Ship in USA 3-6 weeks after ordering.
  • No Custom Options.
  • Very Economical.
  • Larger Minimum Order (Minimum of 500 Square Feet)

More About Our Ceramic Replica Cement Tile

At Villa Lagoon Tile, we take pride in sourcing the finest quality cement tile in the world and making it accessible to a broader audience. Our tiles can now be found in everything from 25 million dollar Los Angeles estates to trendy Greenwich Village restaurants. The richness of our tile has reached homes, restaurants, shops and hotels throughout the nation and the world.

We don't take our reputation lightly... but technology has finally reached the point where we can offer a machine-made alternative, allowing us to serve projects previously unsuited to cement tile. Our lines of reproduction tile for commercial projects can now bring some of the richness and grandeur of encaustic cement tile to your designs with lower material costs, lower installation costs, and lower maintenance costs for your clients.

While these new tiles have neither the flexibility of our custom cement tile, nor the speed of our in-stock cement tile, for projects over 500ft2 our reproduction tile now provides a competitive and refreshing alternative, adding exciting patterns and vibrant colors to your floor and wall covering options.

Note: The patterns Battlo Rojizo, Drac Rojizo, Battlo Basalto, and Battlo Ceniza have been discontinued.

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