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Barcelona Collection Patchwork Tile

Patchwork tile layouts have been very popular, and our Barcelona Collection has several options. Not only can you create your own patchwork arrangements from the myriad of individual patterns and solid color tiles, but there are four specially matched collections, ready to use out of the box.

Ready-Made Patchwork Collections

"Comillas" Patchwork
Patchwork Antique ComillasDetails
Patchwork Crema
Patchwork CremaDetails
Patchwork Perla
Patchwork PerlaDetails
Patchwork Grafito
Patchwork GrafitoDetails

Patchwork from Field, Border, and Solid Tiles

You are not limited to ready-made patchwork sets. You can always choose your own custom blend of field, border, and solid tiles for a unique feel, or modify an existing mix by adding in a few complimentary tiles from outside the set to add a little extra color, or thin-out patterns with solids. Here are just a few of the possible layouts available from the Barcelona Ceramic Collection.

Patchwork Tile
Patterns Depicted: Gaudí Field, Güell Cubes, Pedrera Basalto, Pedrera Ceniza and several Solid Color Tiles: Amarillo, Marengo, Blanco, Verde, Basalto, and Rojizo.
Patchwork Tile
This patchwork features all twelve of the Solid Color Tiles in the Barcelona Collection.

Patchwork Antique Comillas Floor

Depicted Above: Faux-Antique Patchwork "Comillas".


Patchwork Crema in Bathroom

Depicted Above: Patchwork "Crema".


Patchwork Grafito Kitchen

Depicted above are Patchwork "Grafito" and matching solid color Basalto tiles.



Patchwork Perla Dining Room

Depicted Above: Patchwork "Perla".

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