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Cuban Tile Photos and Books

The photos from these books about old Cuban interiors and architecture show how very durable the encaustic cement tile really is.

Cuban Elegance

Cuban tile from Cuban Elegance book
Cuban Elegance

In his excellent book, Cuban Elegance, Michael Connors has glorious photographs of interiors from Cuba's historic interiors. These small snipplets from his book's pages show how Cuban cement tiles have aged so gracefully and still retain their lusturous sheen through many years of wear and extreme weather.
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cuban tile house floor
antique cuban tile old cuban tile
cuban tile dining room floorold cuban tile hallway floorcuban tile kitchen floor tile
cuban tile border

In general the colors shown in the Cuban cement tile floors in Cuban Elegance are of a soft subtle range. Cuba has tile floors in much livelier color schemes as well.

Inside Havana

inside havana book cover
Inside Havana

Inside Havana shows the interiors of some of Havana's historic buildings as well as glimpses into private life. Click to See all of our Book Recommendations.

cuban tile kitchen flooring

I love this photo of an old cuban tile kitchen floor. It looks as vibrant as it did the day it was installed I am sure.

modern cuban floor tile in a foyer

This Cuban foyer has a modern looking tile pattern whose boldness probably reflected the personalities of the owners when the house was built. This pattern is simple to duplicate using solid tiles in contrasting colors.

barber shop cuban tile floor

Another example of a grand old cuban tile floor in a residence, now this room functions as a barber shop.

More Resources

La Havana

Another book, La Havana has a couple photos of old Cuban Tile floors.

old Cuban Tile bedroom floor

Here you can see the border tiles that surround the central field tiles in this old Cuban bedroom floor.

Old Cuban courtyard tile flooring

This old courtyard has cement Cuban tile flooring.

El Nuevo Herald

Cuban Tile Thumbnail

photo courtesy El Nuevo Herald - FOTOSGALERIA - losas de la Habana
A good slideshow of old cement tile floors in Cuba.

La Historia en Pisos was an article by Sarah Moreno of the Miami Herald
Original Spanish - Google-Translated English

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