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House Hunters International TV Show

We have all seen the fabulous floors in the international properties shown on this popular TV show. We are hoping that the popularity of cement tile floors will skyrocket now that millions of people are seeing the wonderful cement tile floors in France, Brazil, Merida, Italy and elsewhere.

These photos are crummy, we know that. They are screen shots for the tiny videos on the HGTV House Hunters International website. But, if you saw the episode, then you know how wonderful the tile floors actually look.


A British couple looking for a new house in France looked at three properties, all of which had great encaustic cement tile floors.

French tile floors

French pattern floor tile entrance French tile floors with patterns

Even though many of these French properties are in various stages of renovation, the pattern tile floors always look great. We can make custom tiles for you in these same patterns.

House hunters international photos of tile floors

Upstairs hall has a different pattern.

French pattern tile floors

HGTV pattern floor tile

One of the French homes the British couple looked at had a kitchen with a pattern tile floor. These old homes do not always mix the tile patterns as we would, but the beauty of each group shines through.

French kitchen floor tiles French pattern tile on HGTV

One of the wonderful things is the way old encaustic tile patterns have interlocking designs. Each tile is rotated 90 degrees as it is laid.

House hunters international french tile

This house was under renovation in France but as you can see, the tile floors still look great. We can reproduce this French tile floor for you upon request.

French black and white tile floors

The same house in France had a black and white check tile floor that still looks like it is in great shape.


On Harbour Island in the Bahamas this home had a old style Cuban tile floor with the hand swirlled "marbled" design.

Bahamas Harbour Island Tile

We wish they would show the audience a close up of every interesting tile but that is not the case usually. This kitchen tile in a Harbour Island home's kitchen is the old style Cuban tile with hand created swirls that resemble marble or natural stone.


Jan 10, 2011 on a HouseHunters International they showed houses in Merida on the Mexican Yucatan peninnusla that had bold cement tile. The Merida area is famous for cement tile floors and I hope HGTV adds this episode to the website so I can grab some stills. The pattern in the house the guys bought is this one (or similar):

Merida House hunters

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