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Moroccan Cement Tile

Moroccan cement tile

When many people think of Moroccan tile they think of these Arabesque shaped cement tile.

This is a classic shape and we love it and sell it in scores of colors. But we want to show you some photos of Moroccan tile we took on a trip to Marrakesh.

We also produce tiles in Morocco for our European clients, and some larger North American projects. Visit the Marrakesh Collection for these tiles.

Moroccans are very big on red and deep yellow tile as you will see from many of our photos. In Marrakesh we took photos of standard patios, roof-top terraces and balconies with typical Moroccan cement tiles. Notice the dry, dusty look they favor.

Rooftop terrqace in Marrakesh

Penthouse apartment in Marrakech

This penthouse apartment opens onto a roof-top terrace. Both have the same red/yellow cement tile floors.

Dave and Lundy traveled to Morocco to visit the factory that makes our tile for some of our in stock tile and for all of our European cement tile orders. Our tile is made by craftsmen in a real straw and mud traditional Moroccan adobe type structure. We took photos all over, and found some interesting cement tile installations.
Villa Lagoon Tile in Morocco Moroccan adobe walls

You just don't get any more authentic than this genuine Moroccan adobe tile factory with Malems (Moroccan for head-craftsman) busily making tiles one at a time.

Moroccan tile factory Moroccan craftsment who make our tile

And on the road...

Restaurant hallway in cement tile

This roadside restaurant had a long narrow hallway covered in the classic cement tile we call "Cubes" .

Cement tile gas station floor in North Africa

The gas station, above, had a lovely hallway of cement tile which lead to the restrooms.

Below...This Moroccan roadside open air cafe had 3-D textured cement tile paving.

Moroccan restaurant floor

Textured tile in Morocco

Some of our photos of Moroccan tile were made on a trip out to Ait Benhaddou—a ksar or fortified city and a World Heritage Site. On our drive to the Atlas Mountians we stopped at an elaborate gas station with cement tile floors and restaurants also. We took photos every where we went.

Red cement tiles in Morocco

This terrace overlooking the Ait Benhaddou is paved with red cement tiles that are exposed to blazing sun and seasonal rains.

Unlike the shiny Cuban tiles which have been polished repeatedly over time to a high sheen, the Moroccans seem to prefer the matte, dusty look.

Moroccan patchwork tile

At this same location it appears that the patchwork was made up of leftover tiles

Restaurant tile floor in Maroc

Again we see the dusty red & yellow tile look at a outdoor cafe in Morocco.

Restaurant hospitality entrance of cement tile

Moroccan restaurant tile floor

Inside the restaurant we found the pattern we usually call Circulos in a 4 color design.

Hand made cement tile in Morocco

As you can see the same traditional patterns are still in use today. We now call this pattern "Trellis".

We spend the night in a traditonal riad cashbah which had a beautiful exterior and also old cement tile floors.

Moroccan riad casbah

Balcony tile floor in Marakkesh

Back in the city, the typical homes have cement tile courtyards, parking areas and terraces.

Tiled courtyard in Morocco

Urban tile balcony in Marrakesh

Cement tile driveway

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