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Cement Tile in UK Installations

We have had many orders since the BBC1 showed our tile in one of their house make-over TV , or telly, shows.

Many have ordered our Patchwork as used in the TV show, but not all...

Uk cement tile floor in London

Kate Law sent us a photo of her newly laid cement tile floor while the space was being renovated. She also sent a couple of installation photos which are interesting.
Installing cement tile in the UK Cement tile installing in London

You can see Kate Law's installer using his level to ck for lippage during tile setting in London.

Blue Legume Cement Tile Blue Legume Cafe in LondonBlue Legume Vegetarian Restaurant in London
The Blue Legume café, restaurant and juice bar in London, above. Stoke Newington, London N16 0UD.

British patchwork tile

Patchwork wall tiles in England

The BBC used our Patchwork Tiles in an episode of DIY-SOS The Big Build, above.

Chester Zon Patchwork Tiles England

The Chester Zoo used our Patchwork Tiles at their Fish and Chips shop, above.

London encaustic tile splashback and floor cement tile
This charming kitchen in London makes best use of a small space with a stylish and crisp black and white theme. The patio blends beautifully with the kitchen decor seamlessly blending the spaces.

Lavish Habit Cafe in London Lavish Habit floor tiles
Lavish Habit Shop in London cement tiles
Lavish Habit, 75 Bedford Hill, London, SW12 9HA...Sisters Nicola and Vanessa Karan opened their dream cafe and vintage shop in 2011 (opposite that Balham landmark, The Bedford) and it's proved a huge hit with locals.

We have supplied our cement tile to Wales, Ireland, and England.

New Castle tile in a UK kitchen
The photo sent to us is a bit fuzzy but you can get the idea. We made our popular New Castle tile for them in two shades of gray. As you can see it certainly adds charm to the small kitchen.

Check your local Revolution Bar as they have our tile in many of their locations throughout England.

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